The 9 Point Checklist for Buying a House

Posted by Kim Jones // July 18, 2018

Buying a House

When buying a house, there is no way to get through the buying process without hitting a few problems.  Buyers may face financial issues, they could have trouble finding a good neighborhood, or there could be no homes for sale.  The many problems buyers face makes the process difficult but rewarding when it is all […]

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5 Rookie Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Posted by Kim Jones // June 27, 2018

Home Buyers

In life, mistakes happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. We are all human and we are going to slip up. However, when it comes to buying a house, doing a little research can help home buyers avoid making a big mistake. The truth is that many first-time home buyers make the same […]

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How to Handle a Neighbor That’s Trying to Block Your Home Sale

Posted by Kim Jones // June 6, 2018

Home Sale

It would be nice if your home sale was completely in your hands, but that’s just not the way it goes. Your neighbors can play a larger role in the process than you would want them to. In fact, some reports have found that bad neighbors can drag down your home’s value by 10%. Sometimes […]

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5 Signs that You Should Make a Home Offer Under the Asking Price

Posted by Kim Jones // May 16, 2018

Home Offer

Over the past few years the real estate market has turned to the seller’s advantage. A shortage of houses in many areas has caused the cost of homes to rise, thus making it difficult for buyers to find a good deal. However, there are still deals to be had if you know what to watch […]

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Do These 4 Things Before You Renovate Your House

Posted by Kim Jones // April 25, 2018


Are renovations in your future? It could be that you bought a fixer upper or it could be that you just want to update your house instead of selling it to start over. Whatever the reason is that you are ready to renovate, it’s a process that you don’t want to just jump into without […]

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Why Home Buyers Should Look at a House Multiple Times Before Buying

Posted by Kim Jones // April 4, 2018

Home Buyers

Love at first sight is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to home buyers and their home shopping experience. Whether it’s the first house you look at or the thousandth, there will come a time when you walk into a house and absolutely love it. It will have most, or all, of the things […]

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Why is Everyone Talking About Comps?

Posted by Kim Jones // March 14, 2018


There are a lot of terms when you are buying or selling a house that might seem like a foreign language to you. One of these terms is “comps.” It doesn’t matter if you are the buyer or the seller; comps will matter to you and here’s why. Comps stands for “comparables.” These are the […]

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Home Buyers: How Do You Know What to Spend on a New House?

Posted by Kim Jones // February 21, 2018

home buyers

Smart home buyers start their journey at the bank.  Here they receive all of their financial information to get that magical number of how much is affordable according to their income and debt ratios.  In today’s market, some lenders are ramping up to give more home buyers loans and even offering higher loan amounts than […]

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Ready, Set, Sell – How to Sell Your House Fast

Posted by Kim Jones // January 31, 2018

Sell Your House Fast

There are two things that most sellers are concerned about—how to sell your house fast and for the most money possible. The price that your house sells for is going to be largely dictated by the market, what sellers are willing to pay, the location of your house, and the condition. However, how quickly your […]

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Don’t Make These 4 First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Posted by Kim Jones // January 10, 2018

First-Time Home Buyer

There is a lot to know and watch out for when you are a first-time home buyer. The amount of decisions can quickly become overwhelming. But, buying a house is a big financial commitment and a decision you need to be careful when making. Your big financial decision could become a big regret if you […]

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