Do These 4 Things Before You Renovate Your House

Posted by Kim Jones // July 25, 2019


Are renovations in your future? It could be that you bought a fixer upper or it could be that you just want to update your house instead of selling it to start over. Whatever the reason is that you are ready to renovate, it’s a process that you don’t want to just jump into without […]

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Why Home Buyers Should Look at a House Multiple Times Before Buying

Posted by Kim Jones // June 26, 2019

Home Buyers

Love at first sight is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to home buyers and their home shopping experience. Whether it’s the first house you look at or the thousandth, there will come a time when you walk into a house and absolutely love it. It will have most, or all, of the things […]

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Why is Everyone Talking About Comps?

Posted by Kim Jones // May 24, 2019


There are a lot of terms when you are buying or selling a house that might seem like a foreign language to you. One of these terms is “comps.” It doesn’t matter if you are the buyer or the seller; comps will matter to you and here’s why. Comps stands for “comparables.” These are the […]

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Sit or Sell? Understanding What Factors Impact Your Home Sale

Posted by Kim Jones // April 24, 2019

Home Sale

Sit or Sell? Understanding What Factors Impact Your Home Sale Knowing exactly how long a home sale would take from start to finish would be information that every home seller would love to have access to. But it is unfortunately never that clear cut. That being said, there are a number of factors that will […]

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5 Factors Home Buyers With Children Need to Consider When Looking at Houses

Posted by Kim Jones // October 3, 2018

Home Buyers

There are different things that home buyers look for depending on their personal situation. A couple that is retired with grandchildren living outside of the area is that going to look for the same thing as a couple expecting their first child. That is because children add a whole new dynamic to the home buying […]

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Home Sellers: Steps to Take When Your Home Is Not Selling

Posted by Kim Jones // September 12, 2018

Home Is Not Selling

When home sellers list your house, you’re hoping for an immediate sale. Chances are that you’ve probably heard stories of sellers who put their house on the market and received an over asking price the same day. Those stories can make it even more frustrating when you put your house on the market and it’s […]

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Why Home Value is Important to Homeowners

Posted by Kim Jones // August 28, 2018

Home Value

The value of a property is most important when a homeowner is making a purchase and when they decide to sell. However, even if a homeowner is not looking to sell in the near future, it is still important to know what the home value. It can help a homeowner decide if they need to […]

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What Home Buyers Need to Know When Making a Home Offer

Posted by Kim Jones // August 22, 2018

Home Offer

Congratulations, you have decided to become a homeowner! It’s an exciting time and a new adventure. You may have found the house of your dreams right away, or you may have spent the last several months looking through listings and going to showings. And now the time has come that you found the house you’re […]

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Big Time Mistakes When Selling a Home

Posted by Kim Jones // August 1, 2018

Selling a Home

The current housing market is in favor of those selling a home.  There are very few houses that are for sale. For this reason, most houses that are put on the market are quickly bought.   So if a house is not selling there could be serious problems with the way the home sellers are […]

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9 Problems Home Sellers Must Address

Posted by Kim Jones // July 28, 2018

Home Sellers

When selling a home, home sellers quickly realize that here is a lot of work that must be done to make sure their house is buyer ready. Before officially listing, home sellers will want to consider these 9 problems that can be difficult to face. Out With the Old No home sellers want to hear […]

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