9 Problems Home Sellers Must Address

9 Problems Home Sellers Must Address

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Home SellersWhen selling a home, home sellers quickly realize that here is a lot of work that must be done to make sure their house is buyer ready. Before officially listing, home sellers will want to consider these 9 problems that can be difficult to face.

Out With the Old

No home sellers want to hear that their belongings are the reason their house is not selling. However, it is a sad truth. Home sellers design a house for their family to live in it. It is not set up to be appealing to a buyer.  

Staging a home will make every room feel larger and showcase the best qualities of the house. During the staging process, all of the excess clutter that builds up in a home will be moved out. That means every extra item is taken down, packed away, and moved into a storage unit.

Those Little White Lies

Home sellers hate to admit what is wrong with their house. They always think that the less they reveal, the better. This works against them every time. If the buyer’s real estate agent starts to notice these little problems then a buyer is going to ask for a reduced price.

For this reason, home sellers will want to be upfront with all the problems a house has. Then you can judge what problems are ones that have to be taken care of before showing the house. There are many problems that do not have to be fixed but must be disclosed.

As Is

A homeowner that does not want to fix anything is going to be disappointed in how their home sells. Either they are going to get really low offers or no offers at all.

Even fixing simple items around the house will make it more desirable for a buyer. Any problems quickly add up in the eyes of a buyer.

Small Return on Investment

This one is always a huge disappointment to home sellers.  The return on investment for most renovation projects is significantly less than expected.  There are few projects that help an owner recoup all of their money put into the labor and materials.  

Setting a Bad Price

No one wants to see their house sold for a small amount. Many home sellers want to price high and negotiate down. The problem with this tactic is that the house is not worth the price that is put on it.

When this happens, real estate agents are going to steer buyers away from a property that is overpriced, or use it as a way to compare properties in the neighborhood. It is simply going to drive buyers away.

Clean Then Clean Again

A house that is being shown does not need to be clean – it needs to be immaculate. Homeowners may have a tough time with this. It is easy to overlook small messes within our own homes because it is something that is there on a daily basis. These little overlooked messes are going to send the buyers running for the hills.

The Waiting Game

Many home sellers become antsy when trying to make a sale. Even with a wonderful home that is cleaned and staged, it may take a while to land a sale. Most houses take a few months to find a good offer. Once an offer is in, there is still a need for an inspection and appraisal. The whole process is not going to happen overnight.

Frustrations Boil Over

When a homeowner becomes frustrated with the process, they often lash out. It can be hard to hear that the home may need certain updates or renovations before selling. Any criticism feels very personal at this stage.

Homeowners should remember their real estate agent works for them and they are only trying to do what is best for the sale.

There is Work to Be Done

Home sellers must be prepared to work. They are in the house daily. They must constantly clean and keep the house tidy for showings. Any pets in the home should be away during a visit. It is best if the entire family is out while a buyer walks through. As you can see, it is a lot of work to try to sell a house.

Home sellers are often surprised when their home does not sell quickly. They may find themselves frustrated with how much cleaning, staging, and work they need to put in. But doing so can help ensure that the home does in fact get sold.


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