Keys for Home Buyers to Navigate a Seller’s Market

Posted by Kim Jones // February 19, 2018

Home Buyers

A hot market is great for sellers as home buyers are flocking to make a purchase as prices are being driven up.  So what is it like for home buyers in this type of market?  In one word: difficult. It can be extremely hard to for home buyers to navigate a seller’s market.  Many buyers […]

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3 Simple Ways for Home Sellers to Make More Money

Posted by Kim Jones // February 12, 2018

Home Sellers

The real estate market is competitive.  Buyers are looking to get the best deal and purchase a house at rock bottom prices.  Home sellers are trying to get as much money back from their investment and sell at the high prices.  In this situation, someone wins and someone loses.   Below are three ways for […]

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How to Recognize a Profitable Rental Property

Posted by Kim Jones // February 5, 2018

Rental Property

Do you love the idea of someday becoming a landlord? There are plenty of available homes, condos, and multi-family properties you could purchase to rent out but how do you choose the right rental property? If you have the capital and the dream, here are a few ways to recognize a profitable rental property. Makes […]

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Home Buyers: What to Look For at Your Next Open House

Posted by Kim Jones // January 29, 2018

Open House

An open house can be overwhelming for potential home buyers. In today’s competitive market, many homes have upgrades and are nicely staged to impress buyers. But savvy home buyers know what to look for when attending an open house. Go beyond just what you’ve seen in pictures online and note any of these potential red […]

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The First Step to Buying a Home

Posted by Kim Jones // January 22, 2018

Buying a Home

The process involved with buying a home is an exciting time but it can be a complicated life-changing process.  Because of the amount of time and money that goes into buying a home, it is important for buyers to make wise decisions, selecting properties suitable for their long-term needs.   To help ensure you are […]

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How Home Buyers and Sellers Can Work with Comps

Posted by Kim Jones // January 15, 2018


Buying a home is not like going to buy food at the grocery store. There is no set price. This is where housing comparables, or “comps” for short, come into play. Comps are a tool to help you decide a home’s market value. Since a listing for a house might have an asking price, that […]

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Major Mistakes Home Sellers Make That Cost Them Money

Posted by Kim Jones // January 8, 2018

Home Sellers

Trying to sell a house can feel like a high wire act, especially if the home sellers are going to live in the house until the sale is complete.  There is a lot of time and effort that needs to be put into selling a house.  Otherwise, it may stay on the market for a […]

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5 Essential Steps to Buying a Home

Posted by Kim Jones // January 1, 2018

Buying a Home

Buying a home is a fun and exciting experience.  Dreaming about a home to live in and what the perfect house is can motivate a buyer into taking that plunge. When first entering the housing market, there is a slew of information that comes with.  It is best to learn about the process of buying […]

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What You Need to Know About Choosing an Asking Price

Posted by Kim Jones // December 25, 2017

Asking Price

The one factor that can help you sell your house fast, or stand in the way of you selling, is the asking price. Any house will sell quickly if priced right. And even the nicest house in the best neighborhood will not sell if it is priced too high. The trick is finding the sweet […]

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6 Things to Inspect Before Buying a House

Posted by Kim Jones // December 18, 2017

Buying a House

When buying a house, you want to know exactly what you are getting. It’s a big investment and you want to make sure that you are making a good one. When you are excited about the process and the house you are looking at, you can easily overlook things that should be red flags to […]

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