“We buy houses” – Are these people for real?

Posted by Kim Jones // January 18, 2021

We Buy Houses We have all seen the signs around town, social media posts, classified ads (online or in print) and flyers in our mailboxes saying “We buy houses”. These ads draw us in a little more with phrases like “as-is”, “any conditions”, “no repairs needed”, and last but not least, “fast cash”.  Honest People Before […]

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Attention Sellers: Do Not Waste Money on These 5 Renovations…

Posted by Kim Jones // December 23, 2020


…because Millennials really don’t care about them To be successful, sellers have to know what their home buyers are looking for. It also needs to be understood that Millennials make up a significant portion of the real estate market.  So catering to what these buyers want is a smart way for home sellers to sell […]

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Using the ‘Average Price Per Square Foot’ During Negotiations

Posted by Kim Jones // November 18, 2020

Price Per Square Foot

During the process of buying a home an important question to ask is how much the home is worth and how much will be paid for the home at close?  Many home buyers fail to think about the sale price of a home in terms of price per square foot. But this can be an […]

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4 Ways To Use Vignette Staging To Sell A Home

Posted by Kim Jones // October 14, 2020


Staging a home helps show buyers the potential of the home. Vignette staging takes this strategy one step further.   Vignette staging is about matching the home to the season and show just how luxurious the house can be.  In the fall, it can focus on spiced drinks on the porch, sitting under the changing tree, […]

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Home Buyers: Where to Start Your Due Diligence Process

Posted by Kim Jones // September 16, 2020

Due Diligence

There is a time period between when home buyers get an offer accepted by the seller and the closing.  This is often when buyers are instructed to do their due diligence. But really what does due diligence even mean?   The short answer is that due diligence is the time that lenders and the third parties […]

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Is Your House Not Selling? It Could be Because of THIS

Posted by Kim Jones // August 19, 2020

not selling

Is Your House Not Selling? It Could be Because of THIS The real estate market can be described as either a sellers’ market or a buyers’ market depending on who has the upper hand at that particular time. However, it’s important to know as a seller that even in a sellers’ market the buyer still […]

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7 Outdoor Problems Sellers Ignore

Posted by Kim Jones // July 15, 2020

Outdoor Problems

Too many times home sellers concentrate only on the inside of their home when prepping for a house sale.  But the outside of the home is just as important, if not more, than the inside. It is the first impression a buyer will get of the home.  Plus, there are many problems lurking in the […]

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4 Reasons to Avoid Selling Your Starter Home (and Rent It Out Instead)

Posted by Kim Jones // June 17, 2020


Once a homeowner has invested in their starter home they often think of what they will do with it when they decide to update later in life.  Often, homeowners sell their previous property to help pay for their next one. However, more homeowners are deciding to hold on to their starter properties to rent out […]

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First-Time Buyers Guide to Making a Home Offer on a House

Posted by Kim Jones // May 13, 2020

Home Offer

First-Time Buyers Guide to Making a Home Offer on a House Buying a house seems simple enough. All you need is to figure out the financing and choose a house, right? Well, those are important steps but they aren’t the only steps to buying a house. Once you find the house that you want to […]

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Competing Against Other Home Buyers? This is Why An Offer Letter can Help.

Posted by Kim Jones // April 15, 2020


Not every home buyer has the luxury of putting down a high offer on the house of their dreams.  They may have a solid offer with a good down payment and still have other buyers clamoring for a change to place a better offer.   Buyers should not be discouraged if they are not able to […]

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