4 Ways To Use Vignette Staging To Sell A Home

4 Ways To Use Vignette Staging To Sell A Home

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VignetteStaging a home helps show buyers the potential of the home. Vignette staging takes this strategy one step further.  

Vignette staging is about matching the home to the season and show just how luxurious the house can be.  In the fall, it can focus on spiced drinks on the porch, sitting under the changing tree, and all-around coziness.  

Sellers can use vignette staging to have buyers daydreaming about their falls to come in the home in order to draw in those offers.

Start With the Front Porch

Everyone loves to walk up to a house and see a well-designed porch.  It is welcoming and any buyer will be itching to sit down and relax amount the accent pillows on the chairs.  Putting a few chairs, accent pillows, and a table on a porch takes it from a boring empty space to a place everyone wants to chat in.  

Make the area look lived-in, without making it look messy.  Use clean decorative cups and even some magazines about home design on the end table.  Add a few plants around the porch to bring life into the area and make the scene complete.

Stepping Inside

When buyers walk into the home they need to be impressed immediately.  The entrance to the home is one of the pivotal points to focus on. Fall is easy to convey with plants.  Adding a small entryway table with a vase of flowers is a simple way to add plants into the area. But be careful to avoid adding too many colors and pieces or the area will feel crowded.

The Heart of the Home

Always start with a clean kitchen.  If all else fails, having a clean kitchen is much more impressive than dirty dishes in the sink.  To help bring airflow throughout the house be sure to open windows and drawback curtains or blinds.  

The kitchen is a good place to add in color while staying natural.  Have fruits or vegetables set out in a display bowl as a centerpiece.  For more greenery, use potted plants along the windowsill or freshly grown herbs.  

Finally, give the idea of hosting.  Set the table in the dining room or set out a drink pitcher.  By the drink pitcher put out matching cups and cloth napkins. This will help buyers think about the possibility of hosting guests without the necessity of having actual food or drink present.  

Outside Again

People often think about the amount of space that the yard will provide their family.  Much like the front porch, the idea is to show buyers that the backyard is the place to relax and enjoy life.  

Start with a table and chairs.  Setting this table with a tablecloth and a picnic set is a great addition.

Sellers will want to always focus on one main color and keep the rest of the décor neutral.  Adding in too many colors at once will make pictures appear messy and it will be hard for buyers to focus on the right items when they are visiting the home.  Use the colors to draw attention to a certain area that you want to highlight.  

The key to bringing in buyers and getting good offers is to make buyers love the home they are walking through.  Staging the home will help buyers think of the home as a potential property to purchase. Using vignette staging techniques will help them not focus on the logistics of the decision and instead dream about living in the home. 

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