Attention Sellers: Do Not Waste Money on These 5 Renovations…

Attention Sellers: Do Not Waste Money on These 5 Renovations…

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…because Millennials really don’t care about them

To be successful, sellers have to know what their home buyers are looking for. It also needs to be understood that Millennials make up a significant portion of the real estate market.  So catering to what these buyers want is a smart way for home sellers to sell their home quickly.  

However, Millennials are not looking for a home with all of the best features and newest updates.  Most are simply looking for a house that is clean and in great shape that they can further customize once they move in.  

With that in mind, it is easier for sellers to avoid what they do not want than to try to update to make the home more desirable.

Too Much Yard Work

In times past, lawns were a work of art.  Over the top plants, gardens, flowers, hedges, and spending many hours on a lawn was common.  

Today though, few people have time for this type of lawn.  Most opt for indoor plants to add foliage. Sellers will do best to create a lawn that is simple to care for.

China Cabinet

Millennials often remember the days of being careful around the china cabinet.  You know, the thing that held the dishes that were only brought out for a very special occasion with an all matching set is a thing of the past.  

However, many people are doing away with formal dining rooms altogether.  People tend to eat on the run. This means they are opting for a smaller dining area or even no dining area. Think: a breakfast bar in a kitchen that has the space.  

Closed-Off Rooms

Older houses have clear cut rooms for each area. But the new trend is to find a home with an open floor plan or to convert a house with a floor plan that is too closed.  Combining the living space, dining room, and kitchen makes the entire area flow together. This allows those in the house to be around each other even though they may be involved in different activities.

Plush Carpets

A lot of people used to add in brand new plush carpets to their house before listing.  In the past, people looking for these soft surfaces and preferred them over hardwood floors.  

But sellers should note that most Millennials are moving back to preferring hardwood floors.  They are easier to clean. Plus, they can look beautiful when well maintained.  

The goal for many people is to have a home that is as simple as possible to maintain.  The younger generation often has dogs or cats that they prioritize over something like carpet.  Carpets attract dirt and can smell if not maintained properly. Meanwhile, a hardwood floor is easier to sweep and mop.

Too Much Clutter

Having a room dedicated to showcasing certain items is not as big of a priority as it used to be.  People always will collect items, but the items that are being collected have changed. The days where people showed off their items to make a statement on their wealth are no longer important.  It is more about keeping items that have great memories attached.

A lot of the older pastimes people use to like have slowly morphed into most digital versions.  For example, a game room used to contain a pool table and may not have more space for a TV and entertainment center.  But new home buyers are embracing the new technology that has been developed and often opt for the TV over the pool table.

Selling a house to a generation that has different views can feel difficult.  This can lead to many sellers feeling disconnected from young people who are looking to buy homes.  Their priorities are different and the updates they focus on are much more simple. But keep in mind that having a well-maintained home is much more important than having flashy renovations.

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