Tips on How Home Sellers Can ‘Wow’ Buyers

Tips on How Home Sellers Can ‘Wow’ Buyers

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Home Sellers

Tips on How Home Sellers Can ‘Wow’ Buyers

Few buyers fall in love with a house slowly.  They walk in and almost instantly decide if they are going to buy the home or not.  While some buyers can be warmed up to the idea of an outdated home that needs repairs, many are looking for a move-in ready house that really wows them.  

That means it is time for home sellers to get to work to impress those buyers. And to get started, consider these seven tips.

It’s No Longer Home

A concept many home sellers have trouble getting over is that the house is no longer theirs.  Home sellers have to stop thinking that it is their house and start thinking about what buyers want.  Update and change things about the house to cater to buyers, even if it does not fit the theme the sellers want in their own home.

Welcome Them

Nothing is more off-putting for a buyer than a poorly kept yard.  If there are branches and leaves on the ground, broken bits of the driveway, and a wildly unkempt yard, buyers are going to be nervous about the rest of the house.  

For this reason, home sellers will want to keep the yard in tiptop shape and even add in a few pots of flowers to really get them excited about the interior of the home.

It Isn’t Personal

No one likes to disturb another person’s home. This is why home sellers will want to clear out every personal item.

If there are obvious signs that a person lives in the home like photographs, the buyer is going to be even more uncomfortable.  Not to mention they will not be thinking about themselves in the home. They will think about the current homeowner and their family.  

Look For Problems

This may seem counterintuitive, but home sellers need to find and fix all problems possible.  Start the search by testing out every faucet and check for any leaks. Then open every door, even that drawer no one uses in the kitchen.  Anything that sticks, is loose, or just doesn’t work right has to be updated.

Home seller will also want to make sure every single light in the house has a working light bulb, even the ones that the family does not typically use.   

Do Not Overspend

The house is being sold to someone else and they are likely to rip everything out and start over.  With this in mind, every update that is completed does not need to cost thousands of dollars. Certainly do not completely renovate any rooms.  Make simple updates that make the house feel brand new like painting walls, finishing cabinets, and updating the flooring.

More Than Sight

A house is not sold because it is simply pleasant to look at.  If people walk in and they instantly feel at home they will fall in love.  A good trick is to bake just before a showing or make a pot of coffee. These familiar smells with have them thinking of home.

Add in blankets or pillows to chairs and couches for a more comforting feel.  Do not forget what the buyer may be hearing. If the sound of traffic is particularly loud play some quiet music in the background to muffle the sound.

Always Ready

It is exhausting being home sellers.  The work does not stop when a seller has completed their to-do list to get ready.  All of these items have to be repeated until the house is sold. If a homeowner does not keep the home in the perfect condition at all times there may be unexpected walkthroughs that do not show the house at its full potential.

Home sellers have to be prepared to sell their home.  They mentally need to distance themselves from the home so they can style it in a way buyers would like.  Every tiny problem should be dealt with to make sure the buyers are seeing the home in the best condition possible.  With a clean home that is staged and well priced, any homeowner can sell their house fast.

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