Big Time Mistakes When Selling a Home

Big Time Mistakes When Selling a Home

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Selling a HomeThe current housing market is in favor of those selling a home.  There are very few houses that are for sale. For this reason, most houses that are put on the market are quickly bought.  

So if a house is not selling there could be serious problems with the way the home sellers are approaching the situation.  

That being said, you will want to avoid the following seven mistakes when selling a home.

Setting a Gouging Price

There are home sellers that expect to get more out of their house than it is worth.  However, there are few instances where a house is purchased for more than it is worth.  In reality, most houses are purchased for less than they are worth. This means that oftentimes many home sellers are highly disappointed with the price their asked them to list a home for.

When selling a home, home sellers are going to have to set a realistic price for a home.  It is the price that is more likely to attract buyers. Keep in mind that the more buyers that see your house, the more likely there will be an offer.  If the house is in great quality there is a chance of a bidding war that could push the price back up.

Cutting Corners

There are many home sellers who are taking a laid back attitude when it comes to selling a house.  They list a house without any effort put into staging the house. Even in a hot market, a house’s condition is important to buyers.

Staging a house will help to increase its value in the eyes of a buyer.  A staged home will sell much quicker as well. Sellers will also want to make sure a home is clean and prepared to sell, as this is an important step in the selling process.

Remaining Outdated

It can be hard to sell an outdated house.  The sellers are likely moving to a bigger and more updated house of their own, leaving behind the outdated appliances and designs of the old house.  But beware: a buyer does not want to inherit those outdated choices.

When selling a house, investing in small updates and renovations can help home sellers to make a home more attractive for buyers.  Simply adding new paint, a few new appliances, and easy staging options can make a house feel more modern.

Bad Listings

Sellers need to understand that most homes being sold today are found online.  This means that buyers will use photos that are posted on a real estate site to decide if they would like to visit and then make an offer on a house.  As a result, these photos must stand out in order to attract attention. Photos with bad lighting, poor angles, and poor quality will make buyers not want to consider visiting the house in person.

Issues with the Title

The title to a home is important.  It is what shows documentation of ownership.  Any problem with the title can spell trouble for both the seller and the buyer.  Before listing the home make sure the title is clear of any problems.

Some problems with a title are not ones that a homeowner is aware of.  There are sometimes mistakes with the title such as a mortgage that has been previously paid, but is still showing a lien.  If it is a family house the title does not always transfer correctly. There can even be liens put on a house if there was work provided by a subcontractor.

Outdated Appliances

When selling a house, old appliances send a message of not caring.  A buyer may believe that the house has more wrong with it if there are appliances that are on their last leg.  It is better to junk old appliances and offer empty spaces than to advertise that the house is in need of repairs.  Putting in new appliances can quickly win the hearts of potential buyers.

When selling a house, sellers need to make an effort. This is true even in a seller’s market. While it might seem like you can be lazy and cut some corners, your home sale is too big a deal to not give 100% effort.

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