Why Home Sellers Must Focus on a Spotless Kitchen

Why Home Sellers Must Focus on a Spotless Kitchen

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Home SellersWho home sellers who are going to sell their house have a lot to think about.  Cleaning and presenting their house to buyers is going to determine if their home sells or sits on the market.  

With that in mind, if home sellers are going to focus on any area of their house it needs to be the kitchen.  This is one of the most influential rooms for a buyer to view. This means that it is a room that can easily persuade a buyer to walk away.

Not Picking Up

The number one rule when it comes to home sellers who are showing a house is to clean.  Kitchens are areas that collect a lot of dirty items and trash. The more a kitchen is used the dirtier it will become.

Even though the buyer knows someone is living in the home it does not mean they want to wade through the garbage to try to see the rest of the house.  Make sure every area is clean of garbage and do not leave that stinky bag of garbage in the house – take it out.

Pets are Too Present

Some people do not mind sharing their home with their pets.  This is true whether it is a cat, dog, or animal in a cage. However, the buyer may not be so happy to see these furry friends in areas where food is prepared.  They will not be thinking about happy family dinners being made in the kitchen. Instead, they are thinking about the dirt the cat is tracking around the countertop or the potential for unwanted pests if there is exposed pet food lying around.  

This is why home sellers should put away pet items and make sure pets are out of the house during a showing.

Put That Somewhere Else

It is common for people to congregate in the kitchen.  Families may start and end their day in the kitchen area as they get ready for school or work and again while they wind down for the night.  As a result, kitchens tend to accumulate too many items that do not belong in there.

This is why home sellers will want to declutter the kitchen.  Clean out that drawer that has miscellaneous items, clear off any tables, and make sure the countertops only have kitchen related items.  Even the kitchen related items should be cleaned and put in an orderly fashion. Do not let clean dishes make the home look like a mess by leaving them in the drying rack or on the counter.  

Odd Items

If the home is small it is likely the kitchen will accumulate a lot of stuff.  As stated before the home sellers should work on clearing out these items.

Home sellers should also think of the items they are leaving in the kitchen.  Is anything out of the ordinary that may have buyers scratching their heads? Avoid confusing buyers and take anything out of the kitchen that is not necessary.  

Greasy Walls

It can be hard to keep a kitchen sparkling clean.  Frying foods leads to grease buildup on the stove, on counters, and on the walls.  Do not leave any grease on the stove and certainly do not leave that grease on the walls.  It is going to take some scrubbing but make sure the walls and floor are clean before allowing people to walk through.

Creepy Crawlies

There is no denying that everyone has to battle pests at some point.  Whether it is mice, ants, gnats, or other creepy crawlies. But buyers do not want to see them.  If they so much as spot a mouse trap they are going to question if the home is infested. This is an investment for them and they do not want to buy a house that is crawling with critters.

Sparkling Clean Appliances

Buyers want to see appliances that are well taken care of.  Even if these appliances are not staying with the home. Seeing an appliance that is cleaned regularly and does not have any built-up grime is an indication that the home is maintained regularly.  Home sellers who do not take the time to care for appliances are likely slacking on other responsibilities in the home, as well.

Cleaning is the most important part to prepare to show a home.  A dirty house is not going to sell unless the buyer is desperate and the price is low.  A clean house shows a buyer that the home sellers have cared for their home and are selling them a sound investment.

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