“We buy houses” – Are these people for real?

“We buy houses” – Are these people for real?

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We Buy Houses

We have all seen the signs around town, social media posts, classified ads (online or in print) and flyers in our mailboxes saying “We buy houses”. These ads draw us in a little more with phrases like “as-is”, “any conditions”, “no repairs needed”, and last but not least, “fast cash”. 

Honest People

Before I got into the business, I didn’t really understand what these signs meant or if the people behind them were honest business people.  I can tell you with 1000% certainty, that YES we are legitimate. We are definitely honest business people. 

Our focus is on fast responses, integrity, and over-delivering on customer service by putting your needs before ours.  The way we look at it is, you are someone’s mom or dad, sister or brother, nana or papa, and we treat you the way we would want our family to be treated. 

Too Good To Be True

I admit it seems too good to be true, right?  Well, it isn’t.  

 The easy way to explain what I do is that when I buy a house I talk directly to the homeowner who wants to sell. Along with the homeowner, we come to an agreement by negotiating the terms directly with them to buy their home. 

The main difference between this type of sale and one with a real estate agent is that together we create the terms that work for the homeowner.  And honestly, sometimes the terms are a little unconventional.  But, as long as it works for everyone involved, that is all that matters to us. 

It is important to note these three important aspects of our process:

  • You deal directly with us. So, there is no middle person. 
  • Once we all agree to the terms of the agreement, we are committed to following through on our promises.    
  • And everything is negotiated in a timely manner and then sent off to the lawyers for review and for them to start the closing process.

What kind of houses do you buy?

The short answer is that we will buy any house in any city.  Honestly, for us the house isn’t as important as creating a win-win opportunity for everyone involved.   But, to answer the question, we will buy houses that are in need of major repairs or just a little “lipstick and mascara”, and everything in between. 

In many cases, we buy houses that have fire damage, termites, mold, foundation problems, roof problems or in need of other major repairs.  Houses with these conditions scare most buyers, and most real estate agents don’t like listing them because they know such houses are hard to sell.  We actually enjoy talking to sellers with these types of homes, because we can envision bringing the home back to beautiful.  Big or small, freehold home, townhouses or condominiums, we will buy it. 

Cash Closing

I know you are probably wondering how can they close so quick and do they really have wads of cash to be able to buy a house without a financing condition for a mortgage through financial institutions?  Trust me, my mattress isn’t stuffed with $100 bills.  We can close quickly and with “cash” because we work with private lenders instead of banks.   Maybe the private lenders have mattresses full of cash, I don’t know. 

So, the next time you see an advertisement boldly claiming “WE BUY HOUSES” just remember that there are honest and legitimate people behind these advertisements.  At the very least, if you are at all curious, give us a call because we love to talk about our business and how we help people by purchasing their home.

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