These Bathroom Problems Can Stop Your House Sale

These Bathroom Problems Can Stop Your House Sale

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These Bathroom Problems Can Stop Your House Sale

There are a number of reasons a house may not be selling even though many buyers have walked through.  Sometimes it boils down to one room in the house ruining their experience. Like the bathroom.

The bathroom is a private room to view. As a result, some homeowners forget to take their personal belongings out before buyers come in.  

To avoid scaring away buyers make sure these six bathroom problem areas are taken care of.

Controversial Art

Whether it is an art piece that was purchased or even personal photos, make sure there are no naked pictures in the bathroom.  Some people do not mind seeing a naked lady or man while they go to the bathroom but some buyers may find it a bit strange. Some people forget that they even put photos like this around their house, especially when it comes to pictures of their children when they were young.  

Misunderstood Decor

A very popular décor piece at the moment is putting up word art.  There are all variations of these popular pieces. However, they can sometimes take on another meaning when paired with the privacy that comes with a bathroom.  

Avoid any word art that could simply turn itself into a lewd joke.  

Misplaced Items

Sometimes people store strange things in their spare bathroom.  Or even use certain items in their bathroom that are traditionally used in other ideas.  

Do not throw buyers off with misplaced items sitting on the bathroom counters.  Even if the bathroom is just off the kitchen that does not mean that it is a second pantry to store items in.

Obvious Bad Habits

There are two smells that buyers hate.  The smell of pets and the smell of smoke.  Bathrooms often house items for pets like shampoos and some people store an astray in there, as well.  Like the rest of the house, the items associated with smoking or pets should be cleaned up and packed away.  Leaving ashes in the ashtray is not only gross to buyers who do not smoke but it is also smelly.

Turn Off the Program

Some people have installed smart toilets in their home.  Which is a great feature for anyone looking to own one. However, few people have actually had any experience with a smart toilet beyond the ones in retail stores that automatically flush.  

A toilet that does too much can disturb buyers who are walking through.  Show the real estate agent how to deactivate the toilet so it does not startle the buyers.

Ill-Timed Bathroom Break

Open houses bring out all kinds of people.  Sometimes people want to make sure everything works and may want to test faucets and flush toilets.  Then there are some people who are comfortable using the facilities while everyone is walking around.  In an unfortunate case sometimes this little trip to the bathroom can stink up the entire house.

To help avoid any messy situations take the toilet paper out of the bathrooms and alert the real estate agent no one should actually use the toilets.

Prepping to sell a house means thinking about parts of the home that have never crossed a homeowner’s mind.  Even though a bathroom may be the smallest room in the house it is an important one to buyers. Make sure the bathroom is clean, avoid any smells and be careful what décor is on the walls.

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