The Best Kept Secrets That Home Sellers Do Not Share

The Best Kept Secrets That Home Sellers Do Not Share

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The Best Kept Secrets That Home Sellers Do Not Share

Selling a house is never an easy task.  The only saving grace is that there are many homeowners who have sold homes before and they have already made many mistakes.  This makes it easier for those home sellers who do a little research before listing their home. Learn from other homeowners and use the best-kept secrets of savvy home sellers.

Constantly Clean

No one said selling a house was going to be a simple task.  Something home sellers must be prepared to do is keep their house show-ready at all times.  There are two reasons for this. Home buyers will request a showing at the worst time possible for a homeowner.  If the house is already clean they do not need to rush to clean before the showing starts.

The other piece of this is to keep any valuable items hidden away.  Not all buyers are trustworthy.

Small Staging Tips

Not everyone has the money to hire a professional home stager.  Even if the home sellers do not wish to hire a professional they can still make their home presentable and even desirable to a home buyer.

Finding out the latest trend is a great way to start.  Find pictures of trendy houses and use a few décor items to replicate the look.  A full revamp is not needed as even small changes can change a whole room to have an updated look.

It Is The Buyer’s Home

Home sellers have to look at the house like it is their buyer’s next home.  That means taking down anything that can be personally tied to the homeowner.  A big part of this is taking down any family pictures. This helps the buyer imagine themselves in the home without being reminded that someone else lives there.

It also recommended that sellers avoid making buyers follow rules.  Asking them to avoid a certain room or to take off their shoes is a good way to make them feel out of place.  

Allow buyers to go through any area of the house.  The more they explore the more they will hopefully feel comfortable in the home.

Smelling too Clean

There is a fine balance between having a stinky house because of bad odors and having a stinky house because of cleaning products.  A clean house is desirable, but the home buyer does not want to choke on that artificial cleaning product smell. Keep the home clean and only use light natural scents if using air fresheners.

Get Rid Of Clutter

People love a house that has a lot of storage space.  Unfortunately, home sellers often try to pack all of their belongings in preparation for their move. This creates a lot of boxes and clutter.  

It is tempting to stuff these boxes into closets or even the garage to make the rest of the house appear clean.  However, when the buyer goes through these areas they will see too many items in one area and assume the house will not have enough space for their own belongings.

Stressful Visits With Pets

No buyer wants to handle someone’s pet.  Even though the pet may be very friendly to people when the owner is around, that does not mean they will like strangers walking through the house.  The situation puts stress on the animals and the people involved. It is better to take pets during a showing to keep everyone safe and stress-free.

To successfully sell a house sellers have to be smart.  They need to know what home buyers are looking for and stage their home to match.  Unfortunately, they will find themselves constantly cleaning, leaving the home, and dragging their pets with them.  Until they sell their lives will revolve around the sale. But they will be better off for it once the process is complete.

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