How Home Sellers Can Run Buyers Out of a House With One Simple Room

How Home Sellers Can Run Buyers Out of a House With One Simple Room

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Home SellersJust as the selling process can be difficult for home sellers, buying a home is not an easy task.  There are many factors that go into making a purchase. One important part of buying a home is looking through the rooms.  Many times a house seems lovely until a buyer walks into a certain room. Some rooms can kill any excitement that a buyer has for a house.  

With this in mind, home sellers need to pay attention to these many mistakes they can make when showing a house.

Nothing to Show

Having an empty room is going to make this space look useless.  If the other rooms in the house have furniture, so should the empty room.  

Using a room for storage makes the house feel smaller.  A buyer may think there is not enough storage space. Home sellers will want to stage an empty room as anything from a simple office to a workout room.

Let There Be Light

No one wants to walk through a dark house.  It makes buyers uncomfortable and it does not allow them to see the full potential of the house.  

This means that having one room that does not have ample lighting can be jarring for a buyer.  Be sure to bring in a lamp or open up the curtains to allow in as much light as possible.

Do Not Touch That

A gross bathroom is a huge turn off for a buyer.  If the toilet, sink, or tub looks like someone has been using it too much the buyer may run out of the door screaming.  

Home sellers will want to make sure these items are completely spotless.  If needed, consider refinishing these items to make them look new.

Another unspoken rule to homeownership is to not carpet the bathroom.  A bathroom with carpet on the floor is going to send red flags to the buyer.  Bathrooms are wet and moisture is going to seep into that carpet. There is no way to keep a carpeted bathroom floor completely clean.

Always Pick Up After the Kids

Even though it can be hard, home sellers must keep all of their children’s toys neat and organized.  A buyer does not want to see toys scattered all around the house or even all around a playroom.

An unorganized playroom indicates a messy homeowner.  If they let small messes slide they may also avoid maintaining the rest of the home.

No Room to Cook

The kitchen is one of the first areas many buyers look at.  It is a room that many people spend a majority of time in.

The reality is, homeowners do not want to feel cramped in a small kitchen.  Nor will they want to spend the money to update old cabinets, countertops, or appliances.  They are spending a lot of money to buy a house; they do not need a huge renovation bill on top of that.

Too Formal

Home buyers are looking for properties where they feel welcome.  While formal living rooms used to be popular, today they are seen as a waste of space.  That formal living room is not inviting and could be used for a variety of things. Change it into a game room or even a roomy home office.  

The Dreaded Dungeon

The worst part of buying a house is walking into other people’s basements.  An unfinished basement can come off as “creepy.” An unkempt basement with spiderwebs and inadequate lighting is unappealing.  Some buyers will refuse to go into a basement if it looks like it may not be taken care of.

Filled to the Brim

A completely full closet is a major mistake.  This signals to the buyer that there is no space for storage.  A seller should clear out almost all of their stored items to make all closets look roomy.

Home sellers must carefully plan each room to make sure they are not scaring buyers away.  Many buyers will only walk through a home once before making an offer. Having a room poorly decorated or not decorated at all can be the reason a buyer moves on.  This is why home sellers should think about each room and how a stranger may perceive it before allowing someone to walk through the house.

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