How Buying a Home Can Go Wrong:  4 Costly Mistakes Homebuyers Make

How Buying a Home Can Go Wrong:  4 Costly Mistakes Homebuyers Make

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HomebuyersBuying a house is a fun and exciting experience for most homebuyers.  However, there are many ways buying a house can go wrong.

Many first-time homebuyers do not expect problems and are taken by surprise when they pop up.  Be smart about home buying and be aware of these four ways a new home can cost a homeowner a lot of heartaches.

Know What is Being Purchased

Every seller knows that home staging helps their chances of selling their home.  There are some sellers that take home staging to the next level. This can they cover up defects in the home.  A sneaky seller may be able to cover up problems that may have homebuyers running for the hills by staging the home in the right way.

To avoid falling in love with a staged home that has hidden problems a buyer must walk through the property many times.  Having multiple walkthroughs will help the buyer see problems that they may have missed the first time. A seller is more likely to sell a problem house to a buyer who only sees the property once.

Think About the Neighborhood

Looking at the house is only a part of buying a home.  The neighborhood plays a huge roll in the buying process.  

A sure-fire way to be disappointed in a purchase is to buy a home without considering the neighborhood.  Even the distance of the neighborhood from commercial areas should be taken into consideration.

Drive-time and neighbors will change the way an owner sees a home.  If the house is a wonderful four-bedroom that has plenty of room for children but the neighborhood is full of college students partying at night, an owner may not feel comfortable.  Similarly, a single person who wants to mingle does not want to be in the middle of a neighborhood of retirees.

For this reason, homebuyers will want to learn more about the neighbors before making a purchase.  Pay attention to the noise level, traffic, and how the neighborhood interacts.

There can be unexpected surprises when it comes to a new neighborhood.  Some homeowners are able to adapt and get used to these changes while others will be looking to sell as soon as possible.

Unexpected Changes

There is no way to plan for unexpected changes.  These changes may come with new zoning laws, new city ordinances, or even new construction in the area.  While there is no way to stop these changes from occurring it is a good idea to research the area before buying.  

Many unexpected changes are actually underway long before people realize it.  If a new highway is being built close to where a house was purchased with the goal of staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the new owners will be angry.  However, it is likely that new highway has been something that was planned for years. It is always good to look at recent changes to the city or upcoming changes before making the purchase.


Some homeowners are happy to buy a house at a low cost and renovate it into the home of their dreams.  There is nothing wrong with completely renovating a home. However, there are many problems that can come up during the renovation process.  One that many people do not expect is the process of obtaining a permit for a large renovation.

Permits can take a long time to obtain.  Some areas or houses may not meet criteria for certain permits.  It can be hard to get the right permits to complete a project. No homeowner wants to find themselves stuck in a house that they cannot renovate due to a permit problem.  This is why homebuyers interested in this option must do their research beforehand to ensure they are aware of their options.

Even though there are many problems that can come up during the home buying process, this should not scare homebuyers away.  Instead, they should plan carefully and take the process slowly. This extra time can help them find the right home, a great neighborhood, and they will know what it will take to make the new house their home.

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