6 Steps Home Sellers Fail to Take

6 Steps Home Sellers Fail to Take

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Home SellersThere is far too much to do when getting ready to sell a house. Home sellers must think about how to price the home, when to put it on the market, what to clean and that is not all. When trying to juggle this much, home sellers often forget something that can be detrimental to the sale process.

In order to avoid this, pay attention to these common missed problems home sellers forget to address before selling their home.

Researching the Home

Buyers are going to be looking the home up on all realtor sites as well as major search engines. If social media is being used to advertise, there will be people making comments as well. Home sellers often forget to see where these searches lead buyers.  

A quick search of the address may lead a buyer to an outdated photo or even an estimated value. If the home has not been appraised recently then the old value may not reflect the many updates the homeowner has completed. If home sellers are aware of this problem, they can add these updates to their listing information.

Disclosing All Repairs

Telling a buyer what has been repaired will not cause them to become concern about the home. It will show the buyer that the home sellers cared for the home and made sure to keep it updated. Let buyers know when major repairs have been completed. Even if they do not add value to the home, it can help the buyer feel more comfortable purchasing an updated home.

Any major problems with the home need to be disclosed. If there are problems that have not been addressed then the buyer must know about them. During an inspection they are going to find these problems and will likely decide the property is not worth their time. With these problems out in the open from the beginning, more buyers are comfortable making an offer.

Use Social Media

Many buyers hear about homes that are for sale through social media. Having the listing advertised on social media will help to spread the word faster. Most social media sites make it easy to post pictures, videos and descriptions of properties.

People will notice a beautiful home and share it with friends that are looking at houses. It is an easy way to advertise a house and it is all about word of mouth. People love to share great properties with each other.

Concentrate on the Little Problems

Any small items that are broken in the house need to be fixed. Even though these items do not devalue the house, they can make a buyer think that an owner does not care about the property. Finding little problems throughout the house shows a lack of regard for the home. Buyers start to think about all of the larger maintenance that might have been ignored as well.  

This goes for problems on the inside of the house as well as the outside. Even think about the lawn. Having a barren lawn or untrimmed grass will show that the house is not well-cared for. Make sure everything is in pristine condition to get the best price possible.  

Deep Cleaning

Every homeowner knows they must clean their house to sell it. However, they do not think about cleaning hard to reach areas.

Every nook and cranny needs to be cleaned out, repaired and ready to show. It is beneficial to hire a cleaning service to make the entire house ready to show. From a homeowner’s perspective the house is “clean,” but from a buyer’s perspective, even small messes can feel like huge problems.

Specify What Comes With the House

Home sellers do not have to clear out their furniture or belongings before showing a home. This can lead to some confusion with buyers. There are some items that buyers may assume come with the house and they are disappointed when they disappear with the owner.

Any items that may stay or go should be noted with the buyer, especially fixtures that were installed by the current owners that they plan on taking to their new home. If it is something the buyers have complemented or gotten excited over, be sure to let them know they will not come with the house.

There are many things that a homeowner must do to prepare for a house sale. It can be too easy to forget to complete little projects or just not clean a certain area of the house. It can help to create a checklist of everything that must be done. And then make sure everything is completed before letting buyers see the home.  

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