5 Essential Steps to Buying a Home

5 Essential Steps to Buying a Home

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Buying a HomeBuying a home is a fun and exciting experience.  Dreaming about a home to live in and what the perfect house is can motivate a buyer into taking that plunge.

When first entering the housing market, there is a slew of information that comes with.  It is best to learn about the process of buying a home before it has started.

The Tricks of the Trade

There are wonderful real estate agents and lenders that truly want to help people become homeowners.  At the same time, there are people who will take every opportunity to set someone up for failure.  Learning about the process of buying a home is important.  There are rights that a borrower has and these rights can easily be infringed on by predatory lenders.

Using government websites for the area can help someone learn about the laws for buying a home.  There are a lot of words that are associated with buying and selling a home that may currently mean nothing to a buyer.  Learning what these words are and how they affect the process will make it go much smoother.


The worst mistake to make is not knowing what budget fits what house.  Starting to look at houses before a budget is known will set a buyer up for disappointment.

If a buyer starts looking at houses that are $200,000 and starts to expect a certain amount of bedrooms and bathrooms with a large yard, they may be disappointed to find their budget can only accommodate a $150,000 house.

Using an online calculator can help to determine what house will fit into a budget.  It will also be able to factor in items like down payment, taxes, and insurance.  Making a larger down payment can help to buffer these monthly costs.


Even though the house may be perfect, the location may not be.  If there are certain hobbies and habits a person has, like stopping to get a donut every day before work, the new house should be in an area that accommodates for this.

While habits can change they do not have to.  For any habit that people do not want to change they should look for it in the new community.


When thinking about the community, safety is also a factor.  Look at current crime ratings and the availability of the local police and fire stations.  Daily activities can be greatly affected if someone moves into a neighborhood that has high crime rates.

While the housing costs may be decreased in this area, the crime is the reason the prices are so low.

Plan Ahead

The most important part of buying a home, besides having the a down payment, is planning ahead.  Anything that has been helpful during the research process should be saved.  Bookmark a page if on the internet or print out a copy.

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to find a certain amount of information and not remember what website it was on.

Buying a home is an interesting process.  Many people start off excited and ready to start on this new chapter of life.  As the process continues this enthusiasm is sometimes curbed by the surprise expenses and an overabundance of information that is thrown at home buyers.

To avoid this, do some research before starting the process.  Learn about what house fits in with the budget, talk with local lenders and real estate agents, and learn about the process.

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