A 3-Part Process for an Easy Home Buying Experience

A 3-Part Process for an Easy Home Buying Experience

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Home BuyingBuying a house is a much different process than renting. There is a lot of planning and research needed to make a smart decision on a home.  

To prepare, homeowners often spend months or years planning to make a home purchase. When thinking about buying a house follow this 3-part process for an easy buying experience.

Learning about the Market

The first step of buying a home is learning about the market.  It can be easy to think about buying a home but knowing which house to purchase is another story.  Before looking at a lender or even preparing financially a potential homeowner should research the local markets to see what homes are for sale.

Looking at homes in different price ranges can help a buyer see what price range they would like to aim for.  As a buyer looks at different properties they should compile of list of features they must have in their home and even write down features they would like.  This will make the process of choosing a home much easier down the road.

Researching the neighborhood is a must.  See what crime takes place in the area, what the school rating is and even see if there are any renovation projects planned.  

Some buyers choose a quiet neighborhood and are shocked when a new store or gas station is built, even though the project already planned.  


Once there is an idea of what is needed for a price range it is time to start saving.  Doing a complete overall of the budget is needed when preparing for a home purchase. A potential homeowner should start putting aside the full amount of the mortgage before they buy.  This will give the buyer an idea of their buying power.

If putting aside a mortgage payment is making finances too tight, a homeowner should consider a lower price range.  Putting aside this money for months before making a purchase can help a buyer obtain a down payment. Having at least twenty percent of the value of the home will help a buyer getting a mortgage and a low-interest rate.

While saving for a down payment home buyers should also repair their credit score if necessary.  A low credit score is going to show a lender that the buyer is a risk to the bank. It will result in a higher interest rate or an inability to obtain a mortgage.  

On the other hand, having a great credit score is going to benefit a buyer.

The Buying Process

Finally, it is time to make a purchase.  Once a buyer knows what home they are looking for and knows they can secure financing, they are ready to buy a home.  

The key to finding a good house to buy is to look at a lot of properties.  The more properties that are viewed the easier it will be to spot problems.  It can also be helpful in seeing what condition the homes are in for that price range.

Many buyers grow frustrated if they do not find a home right away.  This is actually normal. Being picky about this decision will help home buyers in the long run.  Making an offer on a home that is not right for the family is only going to lead to buyer’s remorse.

To buy a house one must be prepared for a long process.  There are few buyers who can go out and make a cash offer on the first property they find.  

Researching neighborhoods and houses is a good way to learn what is needed in a home.  Then a buyer should start to organize and repair their financial situation. Once a buyer feels financially ready, they can start looking for their dream home.

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