2018 Real Estate Tech Advancements that Will Change the Game

2018 Real Estate Tech Advancements that Will Change the Game

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Real EstateHow buyers, sellers, and real estate agents interact with the real estate market is changing.  There are more options in communication and in how homeowners are advertising their listings.  

With advancements in technology, the world of real estate is changing.  More listings can be viewed at home and there are some buyers who make a purchase without stepping foot in the house.

Below are some predictions on how tech will change real estate this year.

Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence does not sound like something that could be used in real estate, it could be a solution to a problem many agents have.  Real estate agents have a lot of responsibility to provide information to their clients quickly.  There are questions that all clients have about real estate that an agent answers multiple times in a day.  

This takes a lot of time away from the more pressing questions and problems that need addressing.  Using an AI could help to lessen an agent’s work load.  Common questions could be directed toward the AI that could answer quickly and efficiently.  If the question is more complex and an AI could not provide an answer the real estate agent would have more time to address the problem.  

More Information

The internet is a wonderful place that provides a lot of information about a variety of topics.  It is also a great way to track customer data when buyers are looking through real estate sites and making inquiries about properties through social media.  

When sellers have more information at hand about what buyers are looking for, they can implement for a quicker home sale.


Great pictures are the number one way to get interested buyers.  The better the photos, the more people who will want to view the house.  

Drones are a rising trend in the real estate world.  Instead of using photos a video walk-through can be created with a drone.  Beautiful overhead pictures can be captured as well.

In some cases, drones are being used as a tool for virtual open houses.  This could give more people access to viewing a home if they do not have the time to travel to the house during the open house.  More access to the house means it can sell quickly.


There are many buyers who strictly use their smartphone to find potential houses.  It is easy to look through real estate sites on a smartphone.  Communicating is quick and easy through email, text, or a phone call with the use of the smartphone, as well.  

With this in mind, sellers need to tailor their listings to appear on smartphone friendly platforms.


Bitcoin is a concept that has become very popular in a short period of time.  This cryptocurrency has become a way of making purchases for expensive items like houses.  Bitcoin is a form of currency that is not currently tracked.  Many people are making purchases with cryptocurrency even though they do not have similar funds in the traditional sense of US currency.  

More real estate agents have encouraged homeowners to allow purchases in cryptocurrency.  By opening this avenue there are more buyers available.  Some buyers that have a lot of cryptocurrency would not have the means to make the purchase another way.  This could stop a homeowner from selling their property quick

Technology is ever growing and will continue to change the way people interact.  Every aspect of life is changed by technology and real estate is no different.  There are more ways to advertise houses for sale with updated technology.  Better pictures and videos are used to entice new buyers.  Even new forms of currency are being used to make purchases.  

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