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I met with Kim and Scott of Turner Property Investors Corp. after responding to an offer received in my mail box. They are very loving, kind, caring and considerate. If you are considering selling property I strongly recommend you give them the opportunity to meet with you before you contact a realtor.  You do have options! They fully comprehend what you are going through and are willing to help you through your transition.   David M., Guelph, Ontario

Kim’s company helps families and neighbourhoods by assisting people with their property needs. She helps people who are in need of selling their home “as is” and offers a fair price. She improves neighbourhoods by renovating and rejuvenating properties. She is about community. She is never boastful. The left hand gives without the right hand knowing.  Michelle W., Guelph, Ontario

Kim gives those who have no options, options with dignity and a caring touch.  She always has her clients needs at heart.  Highly recommend this company.  Tessa K., The Inspired Academy, Guelph, Ontario

You couldn’t ask for two better and more honest people… Seriously… Scott and Kim are not only amazing people, they are also amazing at what they do!! Just look at their pictures and videos. Recently, they sponsored my daughter’s school’s Christmas concert (École ÉlémPlus entaire Catholique St-René Goupil) and we cannot thank you guys enough!! A huge thank you for your wonderful donation!!  Carol S., Guelph, Ontario

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