Staging Techniques that Create a ‘Wow’ Worthy Home Listing

Staging Techniques that Create a ‘Wow’ Worthy Home Listing

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Staging Techniques that Create a ‘Wow’ Worthy Home Listing

Selling a house goes far beyond having a real estate agent and a for sale sign.  It is a competitive market, buyers know what to look for, and homeowners have to tread carefully or their house will be passed over.  Buyers look through hundreds or thousands of home listings before they decide to actually walk through a house.

When it comes to selling a house, your home listing must be welcoming and exciting or the buyer will move on to the next one.

Focus on Letting Light Into The Living Room

People love to feel like their living room is large.  A great way to make a room feel larger is to let in as much light as possible.  Opening curtains and blinds to let natural light in. This should be done in every room of the house.  If there is limited natural light there should be added light fixtures like a table lamp or a free-standing lamp.

Adding in mirrors can help to reflect light.  It also helps to open up the space instead of closing the area off with a large painting.  If the room is small, avoid any furniture that sits directly on the floor. Choose furniture with taller legs so the floor is exposed.  This helps trick the eye into thinking there is more room.

Simple Kitchen Design

The kitchen often collects everything.  There are multiple large appliances, small appliances, décor pieces, spice racks, and even racks to hold alcohol.  With all of these items added into a kitchen, it can feel overly cluttered. Even though all of these items are used on a daily basis, buyers will not like to see that the counters are full.

This is why sellers should consider storing items in cabinets until after the showing.  Keep counters as clear as possible.

Keep in mind that a cluttered table or counter makes any room feel like there is not enough storage space.  Yes, having décor pieces can make a room more interesting. But be careful that the décor does not take up too much room and make the space feel too confined.  

Simple Comforts In The Bedroom

Everyone likes to feel relaxed in their bedroom.  Which is why many people personalize their bedrooms to their own tastes.  

While this overly personalized style is fine when living in a house, that bold pink wall is going to do no favors to a homeowner trying to sell.  This is why before listing your home, it is worthwhile to repaint rooms that have bold colors and choose neutral colors instead.

Home sellers can also use larger pieces of artwork to help the room feel larger.  Hanging curtains that go to the floor can also help the area seem bigger. While a bedroom should be cozy and comfy it should not feel cramped.  Adding in a few plants in the room can give it a fresh natural feel.

To sell a house a fast, the homeowner has to stage it.  A well-staged home is going to have beautiful pictures. These pictures are what can pull a buyer in via the home listing.  

No one wants to look at an ugly house unless they are specifically looking to renovate.  A ready to move-in house should showcase its best qualities through carefully crafted photos and well thought out home listing.

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