Home Sellers: Please Do NOT Do This…

Home Sellers: Please Do NOT Do This…

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Home Sellers: Please Do NOT Do This…

Many homeowners will go through the process of selling a home at some point in their lives.  While some markets make it difficult to sell in general, there are many ways to ruin a home sale.  In fact, home sellers are often working against themselves when attempting to make a sale.

To avoid frustration, consider paying attention to these common mistakes home sellers make.

The Wrong Price

The first step to making a sale is deciding a listing price.  Everyone always wants to get as much money as possible from a sale.  However, pricing a house too high is going to drive buyers away.

The days of extreme negotiations are a thing of the past.  Home buyers are not looking at houses ten to twenty thousand out of their price range.  Instead, they are making a strong offer on a house within their price range, assuming there will be little wiggle room in the price.

Some homeowners go the other route and price too low.  This can entice buyers to walk through the house, in some cases.  But, more often than not, if the house is drastically lower than comparable homes on the market this price is throwing up red flags.  Buyers will avoid a house that they suspect has more problems than they are willing to deal with.

Wrong Advertising

Few sales happen because a neighbor drove by and saw a for-sale sign in the yard.  Sales start online on real estate listing websites. People love to peruse through photos of a house before scheduling a showing.  Having unprofessional pictures is a sure way to push buyers to the next listing.

Too Quick

Selling a house can be a headache.  Even though this is true for all home sellers there is no need to rush the sale.  Rushing through a sale not only makes aseller look desperate, but it also gives them more opportunity to make a mistake.

Taking the time to get everything in order can help create a much smoother sale process.

Leaving the House “As Is”

A homeowner that is selling their house “as is” may get away with not painting over those drab walls. And buyers might forgive that leaky sink.  However, home sellers who expect top dollar for their house will need to put in work. They should start by fixing any major problems, then move to small problems, and finally clean the house top to bottom.

Too Many Renovations

When a homeowner goes to fix problems in their house they typically think of a full-scale remodel.  This is actually not helpful in the sale process unless the room is in an unusable state.

A full remodel is going to be very expensive for the homeowner.  Plus, the buyer may not enjoy the choices of the previous owner and choose to get rid of everything that was just completed once they take over the house.

Forgetting it is Just Business

The number one problem sellers have is that they forget that the buyer is looking at it as a business proposition.  While everyone involved does have emotions tied to the home it is important to keep those away from the negotiation table.  

No one is trying to be offensive or rude when making a low offer and not everyone will love the design of the home.  Home sellers have to look at a house as an item to sell instead of “their home.”

The bottom line is that sellers have to stop fighting themselves to successfully sell their home.  It can be hard to take the emotion out of a sale. However, it is much easier if the seller can manage it.

Concentrate on making necessary repairs and touch-ups and letting the process play out at whatever pace you are comfortable with. And from there, keep in mind that it is important to advertise well and keep the house show-ready to sell quickly.

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