How Home Sellers can Stage Your House to be Irresistible

How Home Sellers can Stage Your House to be Irresistible

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Home SellersHome sellers can tell what a buyer thinks as soon as they walk into a house.  If they love it, they get a particular look in their eyes.  It’s something they can’t hide when they are picturing themselves living in the space.  

As home sellers, it is your job to make sure that happens.  And one of the surest ways to achieve this is through staging.

While great photography is obviously a must, it can only do so much without great staging. So to that end, here are five easy tips meant to help home sellers stage.

The Right Lights

Lighting makes a big difference and is often a low cost way to bring in the most money for a property. However, lighting must be done strategically.  

The best way to add lighting is by adding floor lamps and table lamps. Add lamps in dark corners and you will completely transform the space. Home sellers will want to have a “light plan” in place because too many lamps can make the room look cluttered, creating an adverse effect.  

Experts say there should be three sources of light in every room.  Lighting at different levels also works best.

Move Away From the Wall

It might seem like the opposite of what home sellers should do, but move your furniture away from the walls. Sellers want to “float” your furniture, even in the least expected places.

The reason behind this is that it makes the space easier to move in and can make it appear larger.  The goal is for buyers to be able to walk about without being overwhelmed by the furniture.  

Next level home staging is achieved when the furniture is able to act as a guide, allowing visitors to walk through the house but never be in the way.

The Floral Touch

Home sellers will want to add fresh flowers to your home to make a room more vibrant.  The fresh smell is always welcoming as well.  

Consider adding a bouquet as a centerpiece on a dining room table, in a front hall or a bedroom nightstand.  Even a few stems in a mason jar can be a really nice touch to a space.

Sell The Experience

You aren’t just selling a home, you are selling the entire experience of living in that house and that neighborhood. For this reason, sellers will want to work to sell the lifestyle of the house.   

Give buyers moments they can connect to without it feeling over done. For example, a little reading nook or adding a touch of luxury to the master bath can add a lot of emotion.

If potential buyers feel right at home, they will make offers to match.  

Bright White

If you want to easily add a spa like feel to your home, just add white linens to your bedroom and master bath.  Luxurious white towels and a shower curtain can brighten up a bathroom and transform the entire look.

Home sellers can even take the spa feel to the next level by rolling bath towels and setting them on the tub.  Do the same with hand towels on the sink.  Baskets of accessories, candles and scented soaps will turn the bathroom into a gorgeous oasis.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the master bedroom.  White pillows and a nice, clean duvet cover make the room look welcoming.  

With these simple steps home sellers can transform your space into an experience that catches more than just the buyers’ eyes, making them want to write an offer on the spot.

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