Where Home Buyers Can Budge

Where Home Buyers Can Budge

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Home BuyersToo many home buyers find themselves disappointed once they start looking at homes.  As they walk-through many properties they realize that no existing home is going to have everything that they are looking for.  When home buyers are faced with this problem it can become difficult to decide what to give up.

Every home buyer is different but there are five common areas potential homeowners should be willing to compromise on.

A Specific Neighborhood

Many home  buyers start their search by looking at a neighborhood close to downtown areas or even schools.  Some home buyers find the location to be a very important factor in purchasing a home. Desirable locations can increase the price of the homes in the area – especially, when tied to a great school district.  

A home buyer must decide what is most important.  Do you value more a short drive or the time spent in a house that has all the features desired?  Many home buyers decide the house is more important than the location. It will be where a lot of time is spent, so why not try to get as many features as desired?


The size of a house will change how a homeowner is able to set-up the home.  A smaller home may force the home buyer to sacrifice an office, playroom, or even a bedroom or two.  Home buyers should consider the growth of their family or the needs of the family when thinking about downsizing.

If it is not important to have an extra room to alter as needed then getting a smaller home may be beneficial to secure another needed feature.  However, the expansion of the family may have a home buyer regretting this decision. As families grow a smaller home can quickly become cramped.

Spacious Landscaping

Many homeowners dream of having a huge yard for their children and pets to play in.  Backyard barbecues and afternoons watching the children play are at the forefront of their minds.  Most buyers request to look at homes that have large yards but really do not need that much space.

A huge yard can look great.  There is room for a play set, a grill and even a garden to the side.  Yet, many home buyers do not end up using all of this space. Most small yards that have enough room for a play set can make a homeowner happy.

Another thing to consider when looking at the yard is landscaping.  If the family plans on doing all of their landscaping themselves there will be more time dedicated to a large yard.  The smaller the yard the easier it will be to take care of.

Garage Space

So many home buyers are shocked to see that suburban homes do not always have a garage as most imagine a home with an attached two-stall garage.  However, this is far from the norm. If the house is older it is likely to lack a garage or only have a one stall garage.

While an attached garage is nice to have in areas that have extreme weather conditions, it is not a necessity.


Houses are built in different architectural styles.  Some home buyers have fallen in love with a certain look of a home and want to buy a house that fits this style.  But it is important to walk-through houses that do not fit this style. Sometimes home buyers learn that they only like the look of a certain style while it functionally does not fit their needs.

To buy a house a home buyer will need to compromise.  It will be rare when a person gets everything that is on their desired features list.  Most people are doing great if they can secure a home with half of their list. Unless a homeowner is willing to dish out a lot of money to build their perfect home, they are going to need to decide what is most important.  

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