5 Outside the Box Ideas for Selling a House

5 Outside the Box Ideas for Selling a House

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Selling a HouseSelling a house is a full-time job.  Even though there are many people looking to buy, it can be difficult to find interested parties, especially as summer winds down and schools start back up.  Families are going on vacation, getting ready for the next school year, and simply enjoying what remains of the warmer months. Many times buying a house falls to the wayside with other plans getting in the way.  To capture a buyer’s interest when selling a house, consider these five tips.

Open Houses At Better Times

Many homeowners want to hold open houses at the time that is most convenient for themselves.  While this is certainly an option, it is not going to bring in many buyers.

When selling a house, think about what activities buyers are going to be participating in.  Avoid scheduling events during times where people will be out of town or spending time with family.  Try for evenings during the week when people can stop by after work.

Open House Party

Even though buyers want to look at the inside of a house it is not the most exciting process.  Buyers who are looking at numerous houses are going to get bored with the typical open house. To really gain their attention advertise that it will not be a typical open house but more of a party or celebration of the home.  

Buyers will love stopping by where they can get a snack from the grill and a tasty drink while they walk through the home.  Plus, it is a great time to showcase how well the home holds a party. People will fall in love with a house that they had a good time in.  

Focus on the Backyard

Many people are looking for a nice yard and a great deck to spend their nights on.  People love the idea of spending time with the family grilling or playing in the pool.  

When selling a house, really drive it home that the house makes for a great area to hang out with the family and invite friends over on the weekend.  Decorate the porch with pillows and lights. Even consider having open houses later in the day to avoid the scorching heat of the day.

Invite the Neighbors

The key to a successful open house is to get the word out.  Invite the neighborhood to join in on the fun. Be sure to advertise the open house well and ask others to invite people that they think would be interested.  Having most of the action on the front lawn is a good way to draw interest the day of the open house without needing to do much work.

Even though neighbors will not be interested in buying the house, they are likely to have friends or family who are.  People like to stick close to their family and friends so they will be excited to invite them over to an open house that is so close to home.  

Get It Out There

A great way to advertise a house sale is on the internet.  Many people solely rely on the internet to find their real estate listings.  When people’s lives become busy, this becomes a problem. Many people are taking a break from technology and do not have their phones near them at all times.  During this time it is important to employ some old school tactics, as well.

Flyers around the neighborhood can be a good start.  Even use signs that state the address of the open house.  These signs should be on the way to the home and in areas that are popular vacation destinations.  If the house is close by many people will stop by for a few minutes just to see the inside of the house before they move on to what they need to get done.

The key to selling a house is exposure.  Buyers have to know the home is for sale.  Use multiple types of advertisement, talk to neighbors, and consider hosting a big blow out for an open house.  Finding different ways to capture buyers’ attention will give a home seller a leg up on the competition that is in the area.  

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